Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Power of Positive Thought


[This isn't actually a new posting, as it's been on my facebook since Tuesday, 15 September 2009. But I've been reminded that not everyone can see those so why not have them here too!]

Hey peeps, whats good?

Hopefully at least one thing.

Now, the reason I write this blog today...well, reflection really. No-one is getting any younger (myself included) and at some stage each year I take some time out to reflect on my achievements and what i've yet to achieve.
Note I didn't say FAILED to ACHIEVE.
This is the first element of this note on Positive Thought.

Achievements don't always occur when you expect them to, but putting your mind and your will to them WILL result in them occurring.

Now its not easy in these economic times, many skilled and experienced people have found themselves unemployed (stand up Lehman brothers!) and the competition in the jobs market is fiercer than it has been for many years. I'd often find myself complaining to some of my friends about how I don't much like my job at times, but the fact is, I ACTUALLY STILL HAVE A JOB.

Worse still, some of the people I complain to DON'T have a job, so gratitude for my employment is probably more appropriate than anything

Now before I digress (not always easy sticking to my point, bear with me) let me get to what i'm trying to say:

POSITIVE THOUGHT can and does lead to progression in many areas of your life.
Think about it (lol), how much energy does it take to smile than it does to frown, or to say something nice to the man shoving a London Lite in your face rather than cussing him out, or being polite to the customer service person at t-mobile when they've messed up your bill
(I guarantee if you are polite to Sally/Jessica/Amanda, she'll waive some of the charges on your account).

The same applies to your life and your goals.
If there are things you want to do, places you wish to go, accomplishments you strive for, don't loose sight of them, and when a challenge/obstacle arises, turn it around and treat it as a positive, or a lesson.

Keep a positive aura around you and you will attract positivity, FACT.

Try it.

Thanks for reading, hope this brings you good vibes and good times.
Much Love.

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