Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Importance of Association

From reading some of my previous blogs you would've gathered that I am employer deficient at present. So I have taken to various ways to try and enrich myself. I keep myself up to date with what's happening in the media, I keep up with my gym and I play Badminton where possible.
I've got my books, and I've got my DVD's, as well as my ever growing music collection.
But most importantly I have my friends and family.

I'm going to put special emphasis on my friends for the moment, for they are the very reason i'm writing this.

I speak to my friends daily. They keep me in the loop via emails, text, whatsapp, phonecalls so I don't miss out.
They keep my spirits up, they make positive suggestions when I'm not feeling so, they show me options I mightn't see otherwise.

All my friends are employed (well, most of them). And they all *seem* to have themselves in order. They're going places, making plans, aiming high.
Some of them work for big companies, some of them have their own businesses.
ALL of them are achievers.

That was the important part. They are all achievers.
They all set themselves targets, achieve their targets and set new ones. A few of them have been where I am, so they can empathise.
But they're all making something of themselves, or at least trying.
None confine themselves to their situation either, in fact all of them have said they would emigrate should the opportunity arise, so it's evident their views are not microcosmic.

All of these things set the bar for me.

If I choose to surround myself amongst greats, I can't afford not to be right?
I'd be doing a disservice to the team and myself.
So I can only strive for great things, and aim high.

It would be easy to conform to the stereotype, make a few phone calls and enter the seedy world of hustling, but long for that, I can only aim high.

I'm working on a few things, so not too long I hope, but I'm definitely aiming for full stretch.

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