Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Black GIRLS and Primark

Ladies.....i know there are deals to be had in Primark....but damn....queing up from 8am because you HEARD it was HALF PRICE?!

This is Primark.

So you're all outside the new store on Oxford St-London, pushing each other because you want some £2 knickers for £1....then the doors open.
And you run down the doors like a heard of wild sea maampies, the doors fly off, a security guard is injured, and a couple of sistas are trampled.
They even called mounted police in (thats police on the animals that provide your weave's by the way). And sistas are striping down to the bare minimals in the middle of the shop to try stuff on (why wasn't i informed?).

Anyways....all i'm sayin is....sistas..............GET SOME GOD DAMNED DECENCY.

For 1.
  • The rumours weren't true - nothing was half price (so you could've stayed your arse in Streatham and gone to the local)

  • For 2.
  • You wont even strip down to the bare essentials for your man, but if his name was BARGAIN u'd shed layers quicker than a snake.

  • Primark spokesman Geoff Lancaster:
    "The ironic thing is that the people at the back of the queue, who were facing a two-hour wait, could have got on a London bus, gone to our Hammersmith store and bought exactly the same stuff at the same price. There were no special offers."

    Fast skin females.

    FOR SHAME. FOR.........SHAME.
    Mind out bredrin - there's some £4 boots that are calling girl....get me!

    Rude girl.....JAM

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Anonymous said...

This is funny as hell, the pictures just deliver the knockout blow