Sunday, 7 August 2011

His name is Mark Duggan

His name is Mark Duggan.
His name is Mark Duggan.
His name is Mark Duggan.

How many of the rioters knew this?

The date: Saturday 6th August 2011
The time: Afternoon

An organised peaceful protest takes place in Tottenham following the death of Mark Duggan.
Somehow this peaceful protest march turns violent.
Police are forced to close the roads in Tottenham as rioters clash with police.
Twitter posts images of a police car on fire and the story breaks in the mainstream press.
Chaos and looting ensues.

See here for a broader summary of events.

The date: Sunday 7th August 2011
The time: Morning

Looting has spread to Wood Green and other nearby areas.

The mainstream press at this point are no longer reporting the protest march that initially took place, but rather the fact that there are riots, looting, and officers are getting hurt.

Symeon Brown, community worker had this to say on the matter.

Now what is troubling me is the reportage of this situation.
As Symeon highlighted there seems to be a failing in identifying the root cause in all of this.

There have been numerous deaths at the hands of the police, coupled with the extreme socio-economic conditions facing the young people at the moment.

Young people seem to have been at the heart of the rioting, which wasn't necessarily related to the protest, but taken as an opportunity to express their frustrations.

Balance is needed here. Articles like the one by the Mail on Sunday, see headline:
The 'gangsta' gunman killed in shoot-out with police whose death sparked riots do not help an already inflamed situation.

Similarly, opportunists and arsonists do themselves no favours for the future in terms of how they will be policed as a result of this, and how the community in Tottenham deal with the devastation in the fall out.

Aside from the so called 'community leaders' (no disrespect), where are the actual leaders of this country.
There has been no response from Mr Cameron, Mr Clegg or Mr Osborne. Interestingly Mr Cameron was able to cut his visit to S.Africa short to deal with problems in Libya, but no word in regards to problems on home soil. Even Theresa May, current Home Secretary has failed to respond.
Is Tottenham a principality of it's own?

Labour MP David Lammy had this to say:

It seems the torch paper has been lit, and it is for the powers that be to work some serious overtime on damage limitation, or this may get much worse before it gets better.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Black GIRLS and Primark

Ladies.....i know there are deals to be had in Primark....but damn....queing up from 8am because you HEARD it was HALF PRICE?!

This is Primark.

So you're all outside the new store on Oxford St-London, pushing each other because you want some £2 knickers for £1....then the doors open.
And you run down the doors like a heard of wild sea maampies, the doors fly off, a security guard is injured, and a couple of sistas are trampled.
They even called mounted police in (thats police on the animals that provide your weave's by the way). And sistas are striping down to the bare minimals in the middle of the shop to try stuff on (why wasn't i informed?).

Anyways....all i'm sayin is....sistas..............GET SOME GOD DAMNED DECENCY.

For 1.
  • The rumours weren't true - nothing was half price (so you could've stayed your arse in Streatham and gone to the local)

  • For 2.
  • You wont even strip down to the bare essentials for your man, but if his name was BARGAIN u'd shed layers quicker than a snake.

  • Primark spokesman Geoff Lancaster:
    "The ironic thing is that the people at the back of the queue, who were facing a two-hour wait, could have got on a London bus, gone to our Hammersmith store and bought exactly the same stuff at the same price. There were no special offers."

    Fast skin females.

    FOR SHAME. FOR.........SHAME.
    Mind out bredrin - there's some £4 boots that are calling girl....get me!

    Rude girl.....JAM

Who Will Help?

If eyes cried on the inside, i'd be 90% water, and my soul would drowned in a sea of mysery.

Who will help? Will you help? Someone please.

In my younger days, when the beef was on, we'd swing it out. Someone left with a bruised ego, and a burst lip - BUT YOU BOTH LEFT.

Now its all change, not one punch is thrown, just weapons. One persons runs away swiftly, and one person doesn't.

Fights over post codes destroy lifes.

Post Codes?


Which one of you YOUNG BLACK MALES owns a fucking piece of land in London? Furthermore, which one of your parents owns a piece of land in London?

Many black parents don't even own the property you live in, nor do they have a mortgage on it, NOR DO YOU PAY RENT.

He stepped on my crep, so i'm gonna dun his life.

He told me to put out a cigarette so i blazed him.


We're all made in the image of our ancestors, and they are responsible for our prescence on earth right?

As black people we are linked. So when did the change occur that made it acceptable for us play GOD and wipe each other of the face of the earth over nothing?

And when did it become acceptable to witness such things and NOT intervene. What happened to communal responsibility?

Doesn't it take a village to raise a child?

When did the village catch fire and the adults leave?

Why do you wear your hood down so low, Dont you want to be seen?

Why do you wear all black, Are you expecting a death?

Why do you carry a strap, carry a shank, fly off the handle, call for a murkage, WALK WITH A VICIOUS LOOKING DOG?

Why bruv?


are you scared?

Guess what brotha man, i'm scared too.

Scared that the last real BROTHA is gonna get stabbed to death trying to save a NIGGA LIKE 50.

Is this what Martin died for?

Is this what Malcolm died for?

Is this what Bob died for?

Is this what Garvey died for?

Is this what Lennon died for?

THUG LIFE. Maybe its what 2pac died for?

If eyes cried on the inside, my soul would've shipped out with hurricane Katrina.

and who would've helped?

"I got shot 9 times and i'm still trying"

Why Lewis Hamilton is one of my Heroes

We all know who he is. Formula 1's latest sensation, the rookie of the year from Stevenage.

In his debut season at Formula one he has smashed all records and it is estimated in the very new future he will be worth £100,000,000 A YEAR.

But what sets Hamilton apart from the rest of the high profile media personalities in sport's is his HUMILITY.

If ever there were a more humble 22 year old, i've yet to see him. He GENUINELY seems to love what he does and isn't involved for the money.
And his success is nothing new, he's worked dilligently to arrive where he is for 14YEARS, with the assistance of his father.

Who says BLACK MEN can't raise their children to be successful, responsible, poilte and professional young adults?

Last night i was watching a documentary on him charting his rise to success, and it seems camera's and the spotlight are nothing new to him - he has been on Blue Peter and Transworld Sport to name but a few.
Also, he is the only Formula One Driver to be contacted and sponsored by a TEAM Manager.

When he was nine he met the McClaren boss at an award ceremony and said,

"When i'm older, i'm going to drive for you" - to which the boss replied "Give me a call in 9 years". Three years later that same boss called him.

Anyway, before this becomes a full on Ode to Lewis i'll say this:
What i glean from this guy is that he is FOCUSED, and MOTIVATED by WHAT HE WANTS - has set himself goals/milestones and strives to complete them.

If you set yourself a target there is no reason why it can't be achieved.

If ever i feel like i'm not getting to where i'm going i'll read the Hamilton success story and keep it moving.


Lost In Thought


Imagine I was actually lost in thought, and this came to me. So if I looked anti-sociable the other day, it was because I was writing this on my phone.

Lost In Thought

Lost in a moment of thought.
Drifting into the realm of unconscious on a whim.
Assessing the array of complexities that make up that which is day to day.
Planning for the future, reflecting on the past.
Reveling in good memories, despairing in bad.
Laughing with friends, holding close to your beloved.
Or simply lost.
Looking for answers to questions that aren't yet apparent.
Where present thoughts lead to are a future mystery, whilst memories of yesterday are foregone history.

just as easily as you slipped away, you

Clarity from a moment....Lost In Thought.

The Tide of Change


[This isn't a new blog, but one I've reposted from my facebook. Written on Thursday, 06 November 2008.]

The sun encroaches on the horizon, changing the hue of the night sky from a mystic black to a warm amber.
Birds sing in the trees and the leaves give sway to the morning breeze.
Those that toil with calloused hand rise from their slumber.
And so dawns, a new day.

Children eat their breakfast before heading to school.
Parents grab a quick coffee before kissing their loved ones and head out to work.
Jeff the golden retriever wags his tail as the radio hum's the news,
a political story covered by all stations and frequencies. And so begins a new day.

The trains, buses, cars and planes, all modes of transport and their numerous passengers talk amongst themselves.
Most do not know each other, though everyday they share the same intimately packed spaces.
Today heralds conversations amongst them. Smiling faces, nods of approval, open postures and casual banter.
Something is different, change is in the air.

The sweepers of roads, avenues, streets and boulevards clear the excess of debris.
Remenents of celebration and jubilation from the evening just gone.
Newspaper stalls filled with similar headlines, captions and one face in particular.
The face of a man and his wife, and his children.

This is the face of the most powerful man in the world.
The most responsible man in the world. A man adored by many the world over. Of all creeds, all colours, all sexes and all nations. A new reason for Africans and people of colour the world over to now maintain a renewed sense of pride and self worth. A man that has inspired many to decree 'YES WE CAN'. His name is hope. His name is Obama.

The Power of Positive Thought


[This isn't actually a new posting, as it's been on my facebook since Tuesday, 15 September 2009. But I've been reminded that not everyone can see those so why not have them here too!]

Hey peeps, whats good?

Hopefully at least one thing.

Now, the reason I write this blog today...well, reflection really. No-one is getting any younger (myself included) and at some stage each year I take some time out to reflect on my achievements and what i've yet to achieve.
Note I didn't say FAILED to ACHIEVE.
This is the first element of this note on Positive Thought.

Achievements don't always occur when you expect them to, but putting your mind and your will to them WILL result in them occurring.

Now its not easy in these economic times, many skilled and experienced people have found themselves unemployed (stand up Lehman brothers!) and the competition in the jobs market is fiercer than it has been for many years. I'd often find myself complaining to some of my friends about how I don't much like my job at times, but the fact is, I ACTUALLY STILL HAVE A JOB.

Worse still, some of the people I complain to DON'T have a job, so gratitude for my employment is probably more appropriate than anything

Now before I digress (not always easy sticking to my point, bear with me) let me get to what i'm trying to say:

POSITIVE THOUGHT can and does lead to progression in many areas of your life.
Think about it (lol), how much energy does it take to smile than it does to frown, or to say something nice to the man shoving a London Lite in your face rather than cussing him out, or being polite to the customer service person at t-mobile when they've messed up your bill
(I guarantee if you are polite to Sally/Jessica/Amanda, she'll waive some of the charges on your account).

The same applies to your life and your goals.
If there are things you want to do, places you wish to go, accomplishments you strive for, don't loose sight of them, and when a challenge/obstacle arises, turn it around and treat it as a positive, or a lesson.

Keep a positive aura around you and you will attract positivity, FACT.

Try it.

Thanks for reading, hope this brings you good vibes and good times.
Much Love.