Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Why Lewis Hamilton is one of my Heroes

We all know who he is. Formula 1's latest sensation, the rookie of the year from Stevenage.

In his debut season at Formula one he has smashed all records and it is estimated in the very new future he will be worth £100,000,000 A YEAR.

But what sets Hamilton apart from the rest of the high profile media personalities in sport's is his HUMILITY.

If ever there were a more humble 22 year old, i've yet to see him. He GENUINELY seems to love what he does and isn't involved for the money.
And his success is nothing new, he's worked dilligently to arrive where he is for 14YEARS, with the assistance of his father.

Who says BLACK MEN can't raise their children to be successful, responsible, poilte and professional young adults?

Last night i was watching a documentary on him charting his rise to success, and it seems camera's and the spotlight are nothing new to him - he has been on Blue Peter and Transworld Sport to name but a few.
Also, he is the only Formula One Driver to be contacted and sponsored by a TEAM Manager.

When he was nine he met the McClaren boss at an award ceremony and said,

"When i'm older, i'm going to drive for you" - to which the boss replied "Give me a call in 9 years". Three years later that same boss called him.

Anyway, before this becomes a full on Ode to Lewis i'll say this:
What i glean from this guy is that he is FOCUSED, and MOTIVATED by WHAT HE WANTS - has set himself goals/milestones and strives to complete them.

If you set yourself a target there is no reason why it can't be achieved.

If ever i feel like i'm not getting to where i'm going i'll read the Hamilton success story and keep it moving.


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