Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Tide of Change


[This isn't a new blog, but one I've reposted from my facebook. Written on Thursday, 06 November 2008.]

The sun encroaches on the horizon, changing the hue of the night sky from a mystic black to a warm amber.
Birds sing in the trees and the leaves give sway to the morning breeze.
Those that toil with calloused hand rise from their slumber.
And so dawns, a new day.

Children eat their breakfast before heading to school.
Parents grab a quick coffee before kissing their loved ones and head out to work.
Jeff the golden retriever wags his tail as the radio hum's the news,
a political story covered by all stations and frequencies. And so begins a new day.

The trains, buses, cars and planes, all modes of transport and their numerous passengers talk amongst themselves.
Most do not know each other, though everyday they share the same intimately packed spaces.
Today heralds conversations amongst them. Smiling faces, nods of approval, open postures and casual banter.
Something is different, change is in the air.

The sweepers of roads, avenues, streets and boulevards clear the excess of debris.
Remenents of celebration and jubilation from the evening just gone.
Newspaper stalls filled with similar headlines, captions and one face in particular.
The face of a man and his wife, and his children.

This is the face of the most powerful man in the world.
The most responsible man in the world. A man adored by many the world over. Of all creeds, all colours, all sexes and all nations. A new reason for Africans and people of colour the world over to now maintain a renewed sense of pride and self worth. A man that has inspired many to decree 'YES WE CAN'. His name is hope. His name is Obama.

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