Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Lost In Thought


Imagine I was actually lost in thought, and this came to me. So if I looked anti-sociable the other day, it was because I was writing this on my phone.

Lost In Thought

Lost in a moment of thought.
Drifting into the realm of unconscious on a whim.
Assessing the array of complexities that make up that which is day to day.
Planning for the future, reflecting on the past.
Reveling in good memories, despairing in bad.
Laughing with friends, holding close to your beloved.
Or simply lost.
Looking for answers to questions that aren't yet apparent.
Where present thoughts lead to are a future mystery, whilst memories of yesterday are foregone history.

just as easily as you slipped away, you

Clarity from a moment....Lost In Thought.

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