Thursday, 10 February 2011

Don't Let MTV Raise Your Daughter

A London student has died of a heart attack after having an illegal buttock-enhancement injection in a hotel room in America.

Claudia Aderotimi, 20, was allegedly injected with "industrial silicone" normally used as a sealant. It is thought the substance was injected directly into a vein by mistake.

Increasing numbers of women are having the procedure because they want fuller figures like stars such as Jennifer Lopez or Beyoncé. A former Miss Argentina died after having buttock implants.

Ms Aderotimi is said to have gone to America with three friends to have the injection, which can cost up to £2,000, in room 425 of the Hampton Inn hotel in Philadelphia.

Speaking outside the family home in Hackney, her sister Vivian said: "We found out yesterday. We're still in shock. We need to think about what we have to do."

Police believe cheaper industrial silicone may have been used in the unlicensed procedure rather than medical grade silicone used in breast implant surgery. It is believed that one of the women she had travelled with to Philadelphia had paid £1,120 for a hip enhancement using the same technique.


Evening Standard

Peter Dominiczak

Feb 11th

What is going on people?

No really, that wasn't a rhetorical question, this inquiring mind wants to know when university students started spending their 'hard earned' money on trips to Philadelphia to be operated on in hotel rooms, so that they could fulfill their life long ambitions of becoming video vixens.

Okay, let me not be so presumptuous, we don't know all the facts yet, but from what it seems, these young ladies risked their lives, and one paid the ultimate price for the most superficial of gains. God rest her soul, but this was a senseless waste of a life. I don't suppose our parents came to this country, took on 9 cleaning jobs, and paid for their children's schooling, for them to wake up one day and say "Nicki Minaj is my hero mummy, not you".

Why would anyone want silicone in their butt? Or in their breasts for that matter? Or a tan, or liposuction?

I've got a theory myself:

1. MTV

Or Music Video Television, so that can broadly cover the whole spectrum of music channels.

The videos reflect the substance free misogynistic rap crap that the ignorants call hip-hop music. The likes of Nelly, Ludacris, Chingy(who?!) promote women shaking it and dropping it low. Flo-rida's latest jaunt doesn't even give the girls the deceny of face time, it is literally a butt fest *shakes head*.

Now young guys (and sadly older guys too) eat these videos up, and start creating these expectations of how they want their women to be.

Public Service Announcement guys:

Those girls are not a true reflection of females. Most females have jobs, and don't have the time to work out 24/9 so probably don't have pefectly toned bods and butts, ergo VIDEOCHICKS ARE NOT REAL.

So young women, wanting the attention of men, try to emulate video girls.

If they tell you, i'm just doing me, don't believe them, its nonsense. How many young ladies shaved off the side of their head, or dyed their hair red coincidently after Rhianna came out with a new video? They're doing 'her' to get with 'you'.

Here we are in 2011 and self respect is as rare as an Orthodox Jew in Upton Park. And wherever there is an opportunity there's money to be made. Parent's please don't be oblivious to what your children are listening to, because if they hear enough nonsense they will start to believe it.

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cackleoutloud said...

Great post, I suppose that is why I was so opposed to Nicki Minaj initially, I didn't like that she had had surgery to get accepted and then she was saying that she represented women.