Wednesday, 2 February 2011

5 Reasons Why Unemployment Isn't So Bad

Ok, so how am I going to write one straight after the other?
What can I say, once I get started, the energiser bunny gets nervous, ya dig!

So, in my time of plenty (or should that read in my plenty of time?!) I have found various ways to amuse myself aside from betting against myself how fast the recruiter via totaljobs will email me back and say 'unfortunately you have not been successful at this stage, we wish you all the best in your job search'.

1. The Wire
Now, my boy called me a fiend.
I said "No i'm not, I can stop whenever I'm want". Thus solidifying his point *sad face*.
From the first week of January up until the final week of January I managed to watch season 1-4.
Yes you read me right. Do you know how many hours that is?
Wars have been fought and concluded in shorter time I kid you not, but that's what I did.
No I'm not proud of it, but damn that show is compulsive viewing. I virtually sat there with the mouse wrapped around my arm taking it in on an audio/visual one.
Suffice to say I had some interesting dreams as a result *shakes head with embarrassed face*
[Sidebar - I washed and ate....and am fortunate to have a very understanding girlfriend]

2. The Book Collection
I like my books. Ask my dad, he was buying them for me when 'click suits' and Tim Westwood were 'in' (sorry Tim!) And now I can point indiscriminately at my little library and get my knowledge on.

3. Start-up business.
Or business venture.
Pretty self explanatory really. I know business takes capital, but ideas are free, and I have loads of pens, so like 'The Brain', my plans for world domination (or to make it out of Beckton, minimum) are coming along nicely.

4. Decreased expenditure.
How do you spend what you don't have?! Call in the Labour government, they'll show you.
Na joke.
Ok i'm not totally destitute, I'm getting that 're up money' ya feel me (The Wire Slang for those not in the know. In this context I mean 'that JSA money').

5. The commute.
I'm smiling right now like 1+1=7 and i'm confident in my answer.
That Jubilee line has the same level of frequency as Haleys comet. And as for a seat? ForGedabourrit. I was nostril deep in armpit and weave (I know it's your hair because you paid for it...blablabla) on a regular from Canning Town to London Bridge. As for that DLR, what kind of substandard rollercoaster is that, when it's running on time that is, sheesh.

Now I can wake up at unfeasible o'clock, grab a munch and do what I will with my day.

[Remember those shampoo adverts where the woman said "Now, I just wash and go"? Me, I just GO AND WASH, with my 3pm morning breath and eye bogeys *ragz*]

So as I write this, I'm wondering what I will do with tomorrow.
Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised with a good prospect via phone or email.
Maybe I'll make another mixtape of slushy 90's r&b or hiphop classics?

Or pump up my basketball and go work on my free throw.......... coz ya dun know no1 will be on the courts!!!

Peace family :)

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