Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Who Will Help?

If eyes cried on the inside, i'd be 90% water, and my soul would drowned in a sea of mysery.

Who will help? Will you help? Someone please.

In my younger days, when the beef was on, we'd swing it out. Someone left with a bruised ego, and a burst lip - BUT YOU BOTH LEFT.

Now its all change, not one punch is thrown, just weapons. One persons runs away swiftly, and one person doesn't.
Fights over post codes destroy lifes.

Post Codes?
Which one of you YOUNG BLACK MALES owns a fucking piece of land in London? Furthermore, which one of your parents owns a piece of land in London?
Many black parents don't even own the property you live in, nor do they have a mortgage on it, NOR DO YOU PAY RENT.

He stepped on my crep, so i'm gonna dun his life.
He told me to put out a cigarette so i blazed him.

We're all made in the image of our ancestors, and they are responsible for our prescence on earth right?
As black people we are linked. So when did the change occur that made it acceptable for us play GOD and wipe each other of the face of the earth over nothing?

And when did it become acceptable to witness such things and NOT intervene. What happened to communal responsibility?

Doesn't it take a village to raise a child?
When did the village catch fire and the adults leave?

Why do you wear your hood down so low, Dont you want to be seen?
Why do you wear all black, Are you expecting a death?
Why do you carry a strap, carry a shank, fly off the handle, call for a murkage, WALK WITH A VICIOUS LOOKING DOG?

Why bruv?


are you scared?

Guess what brotha man, i'm scared too.
Scared that the last real BROTHA is gonna get stabbed to death trying to save a NIGGA LIKE 50.

Is this what Martin died for?
Is this what Malcolm died for?
Is this what Bob died for?
Is this what Garvey died for?
Is this what Lennon died for?

THUG LIFE. Maybe its what 2pac died for?

If eyes cried on the inside, my soul would've shipped out with hurricane Katrina.

and who would've helped?

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