Monday, 1 September 2008

and the Lost Generation

Pheeew, life in Britain. Where to begin, where to begin?....

Well, let me start by saying its the only home i've known and where i've grown up, but there came a point in my teenage years when I came to a realisation that there must be more out there than this.

I mean, when I look around at the way my parents, and relatives, and family friends work so hard to provide for their families - they DON'T have enough time for their own well being.
Then all that they earn is taxed, and due to long working hours, they hardly have time for their families for which they are working all the hours God sends.

So the question is, where is the time to raise your children in the UK?
I was fortunate to turn out ok (i.e never turned to the streets for love and affection), went through school, college and am now a graduate.
But not everybody goes through this process.

I also neglected to mention that I was raised with both parents present. Some would see that as an advantage, i say that's debatable, but that's another blog altogether!
But what I was trying to get at is when working all the hours that God sends, where do you find the time between work and weary to raise a family?

I often wonder why so many of our young people are doing allsorts of badness on the streets nowadays. And not just the senseless killings (not that that is a small feat in itself) but also the general bad attitudes, bad habits and lack of common courtesy or respect for each other, elders or authority. I can't sit on the top deck of a bus for apprehension of what torrent of obscenities i'll hear, i.e minors talking about what degrading sexual acts they performed on each other in some public park.

It's unfortunate that the government and media instantly ask questions of the family when one young man kills another, not taking into account that as a parent in today's Britain, you physically cannot be accountable for your child's whereabouts 24/7.
But on the flipside to this, should young people be left to their own devices? What about the extended family (inclusive of friends and neighbours), where are they and would they be willing to chastise a young person that they know on the street?

And some of the attitudes some young children have towards each other, and others from a different background to makes me wonder what they are learning at home.

What they are learning at home?
If at all.

This blog could go on for the foreseeable future but I shall curtail it here with this thought:
Through all the adversity faced by my grandparents, parents and myself in this country - how did we bring about a seemingly lost generation. Where did we go wrong?

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